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Healthy Communities

Healthy Communities

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Our Healthy Communities Program is supported by the Illinois State Board of Education’s Healthy Communities Investment Grant. As a means to develop partnerships between local organizations and Illinois public school districts, this program provides support for activities outside the school day. The goal behind this program is to

  • Improve academic outcomes for students
  • Provide enrichment activities in a healthy and safe environment
  • Create a stable foundation for us to be able to better support students facing the great challenges

BASF Kids Labs

Students participated in labs over the summer of 2019 that were led by BASF engineers. Our goal was to introduce students to science at an early age through a fun, hands-on learning experience. Over 60 kids participated each week as they experienced how chemistry is all around them.

Lab activities included:

  • Creating slime to learn about the nature of matter and molecules
  • Separating colors from candies to learn about separating compounds
  • Using disposable diapers to learn about “super absorbers”
  • Transmitting static through a piece of fruit to learn about electricity

We are looking forward to adding more activities to our programs through this grant. If you have a suggestion of an activity for students in our community, let us know through the Contact Us page.

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